People who are in charge of the company’s money are often skeptical about why there is such a large expenditure for IT. Truth is, investing in IT is actually a way that your company saves money. The expenses that are associated with failing to invest in IT infrastructure can be rather high. Here are some of the ways that your investments in IT actually save you money in the long run.

Increased Productivity

Slow networks and software lead to  down time for your users. If you are looking to increase employee productivity, then you need to ensure that your IT infrastructure is up-to-date and as efficient as possible.

Companies waste hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on employee down time. As your infrastructure ages, there is an increased risk of outages of the network, data servers and productivity applications. Your employees will be waiting for IT to fix their equipment more than they will be using the equipment. Keeping an up-to-date IT infrastructure is critical to keeping your employees and users productive.

Customer Contact

Your contact with the outside world often begins with your web servers. If you house your front-facing computers internally, it is very important to keep your web servers up and running as quickly as possible. There are plenty of other companies out there and the difference between your next big customer or one that goes to your main competitor could be a “please wait… loading” message that comes up when that potential customer hits your website.

IT infrastructure is your gateway to customers and the outside world. Don’t lose money by losing customers who get frustrated with dated or slow websites. The investment that you make into those systems will pay back quite a bit in new customer interaction.

Updated Security

Do you bill your customers? Of course you do, and that means that you have sensitive customer information. Could you afford to lose those customers in a data breach? What would happen if hackers got hold of inside information about your most trusted customers?

Aging IT infrastructure means that you are vulnerable to attack and data breaches. In order to stay ahead of those who would do your company harm, you need to continually invest in infrastructure that can handle the constant threat of hackers and identity thieves.

Constant Improvement

The way to more efficient processes is innovation. Nobody has ever stayed ahead of the curve by relying on the previous generation of business technology, and that is exactly what your IT infrastructure is–business technology.

Constant improvement means constant investment in new and better processes. The money that you spend will provide you with cost reductions and increased productivity that more than cover the initial cost.

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