Are you thinking about upgrading your information technology for your company? Maybe you think that your company is too small to need the services of a Chief Technology Officer. Truth is every company needs to have someone as their CTO. The CTO makes informed decisions about IT investments the company makes. While your company may be too small to fill the position themselves, you should consider the services of a virtual CTO. They can save you money and give you a competitive edge.

You Need an Expert to Make Technology Decisions

There are vast options of IT hardware and software available for your company. How are you going to know which align best with the needs of your business? You are an expert in the business that your company conducts, not IT. That is why you need the services of a CTO.

Virtual CTOs can save you from making costly mistakes in the type of IT equipment that you invest to manage your operation. With the large costs of hardware and software you don’t want to buy more than you need or have features that you aren’t going to be utilized. A virtual CTO can save you money by advising you of exactly what you need to get the job done without over spending.

Long Term Planning

With all of the other responsibilities you manage for your company, do you have the time to handle long term IT planning as well? Do you have the expertise or the knowhow to predict the type of IT investments that your company is going to need for the future?

A virtual CTO can help you with planning for your IT needs. This can save you money by letting you plan and acquire what you need over time, instead of having to spend large amounts as a desperate measure to keep up with shifting trends. A virtual CTO can also help you to adapt to a growing company, advising how best to grow your equipment to meet the needs of an expanding business.

Gaining a Technological Advantage

A virtual CTO can also help you to gain a technological advantage over your competitors. Installing the right technology helps better service your clients. You need every edge that you can get over your competition. Having a knowledgeable vCTO can help you to gain that advantage.

A virtual CTO can help your company by identifying technologies that will specifically help your business get ahead. These could be things that you may not have even known existed but fit perfectly into your business portfolio. A virtual CTO can help you to leverage these technologies and use them to your advantage.

US Computer Connection Can Help You with Managed Services

If you are looking for a trusted partner to handle your virtual CTO needs, consider U.S. Computer Connection. We offer a wide variety of Managed IT Services, that can help your business. Contact us today.