According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Center ransomware “Cryptowall” continues to spread virally. The FBI reports close to 1,000 incidents of Cryptowall since last year and losses over $18 million. For organizations who have been lucky and unaffected, this malware blocks access to your computer and data until you pay the amount requested.

What to do? Use a Managed Service Provider/IT Service Provider for Businesses to ensure you are utilizing best practice approaches to protect your organization. Also;

  • Use Organization-wide Antivirus Protection
  • Use Pop-up Software
  • Make Sure Updates Are Up-to-Date
  • Back Up Your Data


Remember to practice SAFE and forward to your IT service professional or in-house IT manager.

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To learn how to prevent these types of attacks and what to do if you are impacted, reach out to U.S. Computer Connection of Stamford, (203) 604-8482 or write to