What is the number one security hole in your network today? If you guessed firewall or webserver, you are close. Unfortunately, the biggest hole in your network’s security is not something that you can fix with software or a security update—it is your users.

Users are a vulnerability that are going to be there no matter what software you put in place. That is why the only power that they have against the bad guys is to be educated. This is why it is of the utmost importance to implement training from U.S. Computer Connection IT support and services to help work against those threats!

Hackers Change Tactics Continually

As one exploit becomes known and warned against, hackers change their tactics. They are aware that users who are less savvy than they are in the ways of the internet may fall prey to phishing, spear-phishing and even phone calls from people posing as employees. Your staff needs to know that there are threats everywhere, and they should be vigilant in protecting your network against them.

Don’t Wait for a Breach to Occur

A reactive approach to cyber security training is not the best plan. You want to make sure that your employees are on guard before a breach occurs. That is why training should start now, not as a reaction to a data breach. If a breach occurs, it is already too late.

A Trained Employee Can Recognize an Attack

If your training is successful, your employees will be able to spot an attack before they fall prey to it. Their training should include what to do if they do find themselves the victim of an attack. Basic strategies like unplugging the machine from the network, notifying administrators of any strange or suspicious emails that may be coming into people’s inboxes, or any loss of a mobile device that may have the capabilities to attach to the corporate network should be a part of their training.

Your employees should have the IT department’s emergency line memorized and be ready to call them on a moment’s notice.

Test Out Your Training and Employee’s Knowledge

If you are looking for a safe way to test your employee’s knowledge and what would happen if they were the victim of an attack, then you are in luck. There are several tools (free and for a fee) that can help you set up a simulated attack on your network.

For example, your IT provider can install test emails to demonstrate to employees in real-time what they need to know. These tools can be used to see which of your employees are paying attention to their cyber security training and where the holes in your network might be.

Remember Mangers and CEOs are Employees Too!

Remember to focus training every employee. This means everyone from top level executives down to the mail room. Everyone can be vulnerable, and generally the higher up the ladder you go, the more severe the breach can be!

Looking for IT Support and Services in Stamford to Help?

If you would like assistance in setting up your security, or would like security training for your employees, contact U.S. Computer Connection today! Remember, uscomputer.com for all of your IT Support and Service concerns.