Is your business ready for the this year’s storm season? Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project anticipates a busier-than-usual hurricane season, with 14 named storms likely, including two possible major hurricanes.

While these numbers are data-based projections, no one should ever forget the devastation that hurricanes and major storms have wrought in Connecticut in the past. Hurricane Irene in 2012 caused two deaths in our state, along with $235 million in damages. Over 830,000 areas lost power, breaking a record set by Hurricane Gloria in 1985. 60 mph winds and extensive flooding caused many people to evacuate their homes.

If your business was hit by something of this magnitude, would it be able to recover its most important systems and data? If you are not sure, consider the following actions you can take to prepare your business for data backup and disaster recovery in Stamford, CT.

Revisit Your Current Backup Procedure

Far too many businesses take their current backup strategy for granted. They must ensure that all of their most important files are not only backed up but can be completely recoverable even if all on-site equipment gets destroyed in a disaster.

They must also verify that their backups are actually recoverable as intended. Through 24/7 backup monitoring, you can ensure that your backups are not only recoverable and stable, but that they can stay encrypted and protected from intrusion.

Be Proactive with Summer Weather Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Having a plan in place can mean the difference between continuing business in an hour versus a week. When you take active steps to anticipate the situations that can arise from a disaster, you and your team can be prepared for the absolute worst without missing a beat.

You must anticipate all possible scenarios that go well beyond having your office destroyed and on-site computer systems knocked offline. In the event of an evacuation, you and your team can have a meet-up plan in another state, for instance, or you can set expectations for remote work to continue operations. Contingency plans must also be put in place in case a major asset is lost or the situation changes unexpectedly as the disaster unfolds.

Business continuity planning and implementation is never obvious, even to experienced business professionals, so business continuity consulting may be needed so that you can consider all angles and be ready the moment a disaster strikes.

Prevent Network Downtimes and Recover Everything With Virtualization

Modern virtualization practices can store an image of your entire organization’s network down to the workstation, so you can pick up exactly where you left off without waiting to re-install your vital applications. Screenshot verification confirms that every system component works as intended and that your virtualized image can be captured or restored near-instantly.

Find a Team Experienced With Disaster Recovery in Stamford, CT

Be proactive before severe summer weather hits you hard. Have a set of comprehensive solutions in place so that your customers or clients are not left on the hook with their own business troubles while you wait to get everything running again.

You can work with experienced IT professionals to develop a set of data backup and disaster recovery solutions that works best for your business needs, including system virtualization, business continuity consulting, 24/7 backup monitoring and more.