One of the most important factors in protecting your business’s data is ensuring that your employees are following the proper security protocol. Unfortunately, as a recent study found, a shocking number of employees have poor security habits that put their company’s data at risk.

If you’re interested in improving your business’s cybersecurity strategy, you need to learn how poor habits can lead to data breaches and how you can address this situation. Here is some information about improving security habits and tips for developing a stronger IT security strategy for your business.

Unauthorized Data Access

One of the biggest threats when it comes you your company’s IT security is having your data accessed by unauthorized users. While your primary concern is most likely defending your data from hackers, it’s also possible that your employees are also accessing data improperly, putting your entire system at risk.

A recent study of employee security habits found that 25% of those surveyed had tried to access work data that they were not allowed to use and that over 60% of these efforts were successful. This means that one of your primary goals in improving security habits is making it clear to your employees why they shouldn’t access unauthorized data and how doing so can put the entire network at risk.

Password Usage Facts

Password usage is another area where poor habits can lead to costly data breaches. There are several ways that employees are missing the mark when it comes to password usage, making it a good idea to examine this issue very closely.

A concerning issue regarding employees and passwords is the fact that over 40% of employees use the exact same passwords for their work and personal accounts, putting both at risk. Equally is alarming is that when a breach has occurred, 63% of employees changed only the breached account instead of updating the password on all of their accounts.

It has also been found that employees will routinely share their passwords, which can pose a big problem when an employee is terminated. Shockingly, it is estimated that over 90% of employees fail to regularly update their passwords, often leading to weak passwords that can easily be guessed by hackers.

If you’re interested in defending your company from data breaches, then it is crucial that you ensure your employees are using their passwords correctly. First, you should review with your employees the best way to create a strong password, emphasizing that all passwords need to be updated when a breach has been detected. Second, you must make it clear that usernames and passwords should never be shared, even with other employees. Finally, you should have a system in place to revoke network access for employees as soon as they have been terminated.

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