A debate that is almost as old as the personal computer (unless you remember Commodore) is Mac vs. PC. While the debate has changed significantly over the years, especially since Mac now runs on the Intel platform, you may still be asking yourself which is better for your business.

How Does Your Business Use Computers?

The largest differentiator between PCs and Macs is still the types of software available for them. General line of business applications run well on both platforms. However, there are still some situations where each platform provides a better end user experience.

PCs are still the dominant platform when it comes to engineering, computation, accounting and finance. Software developers for these types of applications still prefer the PC over Mac. Generally running this type of software on a Mac degrades its performance.

Macs remain the favorites of the artistic crowd. The best music, image manipulation, and graphic software is developed for Mac users. PCs have caught up in recent years, but many in the industry prefer Mac.


What do Your Clients Use?

In a world where you deal with your clients digitally on a daily basis, having the platform that the majority of your clients prefer can go a long way to saving you some headaches.

If your customers are primarily in traditional industries or the government sector, you may want to stick with PCs, as Windows is the typical platform for their business. Companies that are focused in the arts, or have to rely heavily on graphics would be better served with Macs.


What is Your Budget?

Macs are more expensive. That is a simple fact. If you are trying to squeeze every last bit of memory and hard drive space out of a machine, then you may not want to go the Mac route. The startup costs can be prohibitive.

PCs, on the other hand, are much more configurable to your needs. If you just need some machines to handle email and light web surfing, then a PC can be configured accordingly. Other PC’s on your network can be configured to run complex applications.


Are You Looking to Build Custom Workstations?

Your options for customization on most Macs involve things like amount of memory and hard drive space. You rarely get to pair up processors, graphics and sound based on your requirements.

If you need to be able to customize your machines, PCs are probably the way to go. A PC can be built with specified memory, processors, graphics cards and hard disk space.


Do You Have to Decide?

Do you really need to decide? Modern businesses require networks that can deal with all sorts of devices. Not just Mac and PC but Android, Linux, IoT devices and a host of others. Today’s network and cloud services offer ways for all of these devices to work together in harmony. So, in the end, your best option may be to choose the device best for the job.


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