Maintaining the cybersecurity of your business is crucial in promoting successful operations and trust between you and your customers. However, because cybersecurity is so complicated, it can be hard to know how to implement a robust cybersecurity strategy as well as knowing which areas need the most attention.

To help both businesses and individuals better understand the ins and outs of cybersecurity, the Department of Homeland Security has named October the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). During this month, you can learn more about cybersecurity, and why it’s so important to the ongoing success and safety of your business. Learn more about the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and find out how your business can institute an effective cybersecurity strategy.

Quickly Addressing Online Safety

As evidenced by the recent Equifax, protecting your online information is more important than ever. It is for this reason that the theme of the first week of NCSAM is “Simple Steps to Online Safety.” The focus of this week is discussing the cybersecurity concerns of your customers and how you can take a few easy steps to protect their information from cybercriminals.

Workplace Cybersecurity

If you’re interested in improving your business’s cybersecurity strategy, then week two of NCSAM deserves your close attention. The theme of this week is “Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business,” and is all about creating a culture of cybersecurity that will prove to your customers that you take security seriously.

Over the course of this week, you should focus on learning strategies to strengthen your business’s cybersecurity, and utilize resources like the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework.

The Changing Nature of the Internet

The biggest obstacle when it comes to cybersecurity is the ever changing nature of the Internet. Every day, it seems like new smart devices hit the market, which invariably leads to security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Week three of National Cybersecurity Awareness month is dedicated to “Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet.” This week is the perfect opportunity to think about how much your business relies on smart devices and other pieces of Internet connected technologies, and how you can make sure your employees are using these devices safely and not putting your information at risk.

Cyber Security Careers

Fewer and fewer professionals are entering the information security field, and by some estimates, there will be a 1.8 million information security worker shortage by 2022, making it even more difficult for individuals and businesses to secure their data.

The next to last week of NCSAM is titled “The Internet Wants YOU: Consider a Career in Cybersecurity.” This week is a great opportunity to discuss cybersecurity careers with your employees and to inform them about training and resources in this field.

Defending Infrastructure

Every business depends on infrastructure, including power/phone/internet lines, roads, and running water. Unfortunately, our country’s infrastructure is extremely vulnerable to cybercrime, which is why the final week of NCSAM is dedicated to “Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats.” During this final week, you can discover the threats to the infrastructure that you depend on, and how you can improve your business’s cybersecurity.

If you want to work on improving your business’s cybersecurity during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, you need to work with the professionals at U.S. Computer Connection. We are focused on being your go-to IT source, and can help you strengthen your business’s cybersecurity strategy.