With the new year fast approaching, many of us are trying to choose our resolutions. If you’re interested in improving the future success of your business, one of the most important things that you can do in the lead-up to New Year’s is choosing effective resolutions that will help you boost your cyber security.

With the right resolutions, you should be able to strengthen the security of your business so that your data is fully protected from cyber criminals. Here are a few of the best New Year’s cyber security resolutions that should make your business more resilient to hackers in the future.

Installing Threat Detection Technology

One of the best ways to boost the cyber security of your business is to be sure that you’re monitoring your network so that you can immediately detect unauthorized usage. This means that one of the best New Year’s cyber security resolutions is installing threat detection technology in your network.

You can add applications that will monitor network behavior and will alert you to unusual activities. Applications can also be used to keep track of typical files and processes. Segmenting your network is also a good idea, as this will ensure that if an attack does happen, it won’t damage the entirety of your business network.

Resolve to Get Rid of Weak Passwords

Although installing network monitoring technology is an important part of your cyber security strategy, sometimes the most effective security solutions are the simplest, and this includes getting rid of weak passwords.

When your employee’s passwords are weak, it makes it extremely easy for hackers to access your network and steal your business’s sensitive data. If your main goal in the New Year is fully securing your network, you must make sure your employees are using strong passwords that aren’t easily guessable. Every account should have a unique password. You may also want to use password management software so that your employees must use complex passwords. Lastly, passwords should be frequently changed.

While while writing your New Year’s cyber security resolutions, put ‘get rid of weak passwords’ at the top of your list.

Never Ignore Security Passages

If your business is like many others, then you probably don’t take the time to install every security patch that’s released for your operating system. While this can be understandable, particularly in fast paced companies, ignoring security patches will make it much more likely that you will suffer a serious breach of your network.

When thinking about your New Year’s cyber security resolutions, you should commit to installing every new security patch and enhancement that’s available for your network. By taking the time to install these patches, you’ll be able to close security exploits and prevent hackers from taking advantage of holes in your network security. Review your company’s I.T. procedures and make sure there is nothing that would prevent you from installing necessary patches as soon as they are released for your system.

Every business needs to have a robust strategy in place for cyber security, and choosing a few New Year’s cyber security resolutions is a good idea if you’ve been neglecting this important issue. If you need help developing and instituting your cyber security strategy, you should work with the team at U.S. Computer Connection. Our I.T. professionals can help you choose the right security tools for your company so that your data is protected as fully as possible.