Every business needs an extensive IT network in order to function in the modern age. Most business is done on the internet, and most employees work online or on a computer every day. This has increased productivity and created convenience previously thought impossible. However, this technology poses new threats you need to be prepared for.

Cyber crime has increased dramatically over the last several years and continues to rise as malicious hackers develop new techniques and exploits to take advantage of the technology you enjoy. In order to combat this, your company needs reliable cyber security that can protect your valuables. Learn about the new challenges and opportunities for cyber security.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer restricted to the realm of science fiction. It’s very real and has already been implemented into several businesses across the world. While they have caused numerous improvements for honest businesses, malicious hackers have also taken advantage of this new technology.

You’ve probably benefited from automating numerous systems in your business, but AIs allow hackers to automate their attacks. They can automatically farm sources like forums to scavenge data useful for breaking into your systems. These AIs also have extensive knowledge of likely passwords based on geography, personal information made public and demographics. They can also fake attacks by simulating normal communication patterns to mask themselves when the attack finally comes.


One of the most common anti-virus strategies is called sandboxing which essentially separates applications from essential system programs creating additional layers of security for hackers to break through. While this was incredibly effective over the past several years, new technologies are allowing hackers to take advantage of a slight time delay to pierce a sandbox protected network.

As the hackers pierce more levels of security, they could potentially switch their focus from individuals to entire organizations like your business. Should that happen, they would have complete control over all your operations and could try to ransom it back to you. Ransomware is on the rise, and you need to be prepared.

Arms Race

With the rise of this new technology, 2018 will likely play host to a cyber arms race where malicious hackers and cyber security technicians will be constantly battling to see who can create the better system. While cyber crime is on the rise, developers of cyber security are now more motivated than ever.

Not all hackers are malicious, however. Some actually try to break through business’ security just to find flaws in the defenses and report them back. Thanks to the work of hackers like that along with other cyber security experts, the rise in cyber crime will be met with force.

Cyber Security with US Computer Connection

The rise of cyber crime is coming, and your business needs to be prepared. For all your cyber security needs, look no further than US Computer Connection. Our cyber security experts are happy to employ the latest tech to defend your business from attacks. Contact us today to learn more about how our cyber security team can help keep you and your company safe.