Conducting business online is the only way to stay competitive in the modern market which means you need to have a website. A lot can go into how you set up your website from expert web design to marketing and more. After all that work and utility, you need to make sure your website is safe.

Like anything else online, your website can be broken into if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s so important to backup your site. With the invention of cloud computing services, backing up your site is now easier than ever before. Learn why you should be backing up your website and discover how an IT solutions company can offer you the cloud computing services you need.

Importance of Having a Backup

If you’re new to the world of online business, you may not see a bit of data loss as that big of a deal. However, over half of small business that suffer from data loss don’t last another six months. To protect yourself and your business from that fate, you need a way to recover data in the event of massive data loss.

Not only will a backup save the content you’ve put so much time into, but it will save user information as well. The latter is especially important if you have a store on your website. Customer’s orders and payment information needs to be backed up to ensure they get the service they deserve. As for your own content, rewriting an entire blog post can take a lot of time best spent elsewhere.

How to Backup Your Website

The need to backup your website is pretty clear, but the logistics can be a bit complicated if you’re not prepared. You could always make copies of your website’s files and save them to your local computer, but that will take a lot of time and is a slow process. Arguably the best way to backup your website is with cloud computing services.

When you use cloud computing services to backup your website, all your information is safely secured in the cloud. The cloud version can be accessed from anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about paying for physical storage space yourself.

When to Backup Your Website

The best time to backup your website is right now. If you already have some backups in place, make sure you’re keeping them updated. Every time you post a new blog or even rearrange the home page, you need to make sure an updated version is sent to your backup.

If you have a store on your website, your backup needs to be updated every time someone places an order or makes a purchase. Even when someone fills out a form or writes a review, you should backup the website. This may sound tedious, but there are programs available that automatically backup your website constantly.

Cloud Computing Services with U.S. Computer Connection

At U.S. Computer Connection, we offer all the cloud computing services you need to backup your website. Our highly trained technicians can ensure your website and all your customer’s information is protected in the event of a data loss, so you don’t have to become one of the 60%. Contact us today to learn more about the numerous IT solutions we can offer.