As a business owner, you understand that keeping your IT environment running smoothly and efficiently is incredibly important, but it takes a lot of attention and the right skilled staff. Many businesses struggle to keep up with the changing landscape of IT and retain the staff they need, which is why managed IT service providers are a great solution for a modern business.

Instead of retaining the traditional in-house IT staff to handle all of your business’s needs, you have a full team of professional IT service providers that can handle all your time-consuming tasks. This takes the pressure off you, so you can focus all your attention on your business.

Managed IT Services for Business

With managed IT services for business at U.S. Computer Connection, you’ll have the benefit of a full team of IT talent to handle all of your business IT tasks. Our experienced network engineers work with many businesses like yours, so we can manage your workstations, network, users, servers and anything else your traditional IT team would.

Proactive Care Plus Executive Plan

Our Proactive Care Plus Executive Plan (PCPe) is a full-management plan with unlimited services, on-site support on demand, helpdesk and advanced security features. This solution is designed for a company that needs the benefits of a full team of IT professionals.

Outsourcing your IT tasks to our team with the Proactive Care Plus Executive Plan gives you the benefit of full management of your existing network, full installation or migration of a new or upgraded network and full support from our expert team, whenever you need it.

Proactive Care Plus Plan

Our Proactive Care Plus Plan (PCP) offers modified services for a low, flat monthly fee for your computers and servers. With this option, you pre-purchase hours for on-site support, general IT services, helpdesk or any other IT tasks you may need. This is a great solution for a company that prefers IT services on an as-needed basis, as opposed to employing a full team of IT professionals, and for owners who enjoy taking an active role in IT network management.

This is also an excellent choice for companies that have some IT staff or computer-savvy employees and just need a little additional IT support.

Expert Technology Consultation

To get the most out of your IT department, you need business technology that’s tailored to your unique business. At U.S. Computer Connection, our team has over 25 years of experience developing unique IT strategies to adapt to changing business demands.

Here are a few of our services:

  • IT project blueprint
  • Budgeting
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Server migration
  • Network integration
  • New system installation
  • System and software updates

Browse Our Managed IT Services

As a business owner, you have a lot to worry about, but when it comes to IT, there are many solutions to help your business. You have many managed IT service providers to choose from, but not all offer the comprehensive IT services and the support and knowledge from a brilliant team of industry professionals at U.S. Computer Connection.

Call or visit us today to discuss our managed IT services and see how we can help your business succeed!