When choosing managed IT services, local support offers several advantages compared to remote-only support.

Outsourcing IT support has become an incredibly common way for businesses to decrease costs while ensuring they can handle nearly any technological challenge. In fact, Deloitte reports that a full 72 percent of businesses outsource to an IT service provider, making it the most popular type of outsourced service in the corporate world.

Businesses that wish to outsource their IT needs still face an important choice: using the services of a locally based IT company or choosing remote support. While both types of IT firms provide advantages, local IT support in Westchester, NY from U.S. Computer Connection can provide the best of both worlds.

Learn why having the option for local IT support can make a huge difference in the level of service you receive by reading on.

Local IT Support Ensures You Know Who You Are Talking To

When you purchase support-as-a-service from a big-name remote IT company, you can rarely count on speaking to the same representative twice. Many of these companies outsource call services themselves, meaning you could be paying for remote support from an expert but end up talking to an amateur in a Bangladeshi call center.

The technicians you speak with may also be reading their support recommendations from a script rather than responding with their own knowledge. As a result, you often end up stuck on the phone running through unhelpful procedures step-by-step when a true solution could be implemented quickly.

Receiving local IT support in Westchester means you only ever speak to well-rounded IT experts. Our technicians can become familiar with your company’s unique network and computer system, helping reduce the time it takes to reach a problem resolution while implementing the best practices possible. You can also receive personalized recommendations and training to prevent future problems.

In the rare event you receive outside help, you always know who you are working with, rather than getting bounced to a random call-center-of-the-month.

Getting Local IT Services Provides On-Site Benefits

If someone is talking to you on the phone telling you how to solve a problem yourself, you are still the one doing all the work. On the other hand, having someone on site frees up time and staff to handle other tasks while the problem is solved for you.

Additionally, you can receive services that genuinely require a set of eyes, ears and hands on-site to fulfill. Someone can respond on-site to a server that keeps losing power, for instance, to look at possible hardware issues and to ensure everything is where it should be.

These hands-on services are especially important for disaster recovery and prevention since they reduce downtimes and make sure nothing is overlooked.

Remote Support Is There When You Need It

Sometimes, a phone call is all you need to resolve an issue, making remote IT support the perfect solution for quick fixes or instant support any time you need it. With technology like screen sharing and remote access, you can also receive support immediately and at any time to start working on a solution right away.

You can get the benefit of local, on-site IT services without sacrificing remote support capabilities. Combining remote and on-site IT services means an immediate response to a disaster while a technician is on their way, or continual remote follow-up and monitoring after a major issue is resolved.

Find Local IT Support in Westchester, NY

You no longer have to choose when it comes to the instant convenience of remote IT or the personalized care of local IT services. U.S. Computer Connection can provide the best-fit solution for your needs, including emergency remote or local response as well as continuing managed IT services and monitoring.

We can even provide your staff with tailored training and support to keep your systems running optimally. Through constant communication and collaboration, we help your network and your IT ecosystem in general run better.
Know your business is in good hands and find a genuine partner when you look to our IT services in Westchester, NY for the perfect solution to fit your exact needs.