Are you planning or already outsourcing your IT support to another company? While it can be a great way to save money and get the expertise you need to keep your network running smooth, you should choose carefully. When faced with the choice between an IT Support operation in your area or another state, you should always go local—here is why.

  1. Local Fits Your Budget Better

While the short term costs of a support center that’s further away from your geographic location may seem attractive, it can start to break down as you look at the additional costs of dealing with a company who doesn’t understand your market. One thing to think about is travel costs for onsite support. The clock starts for onsite service as soon as a technician leaves the office. This can add up quickly, as can the costs of downtime your business experiences while you await help, but it is also not a problem with a local, Stamford IT consulting team.

Services in general are also cheaper with a local company. Since your IT support team will generally have less clients, they will be able to focus better on your company’s needs and wants. They can tailor their support to what you need so that you aren’t paying for a package of support you don’t even need.


  1. Speed of Response

If your IT support team is local, you know what hours they are going to be working.

Local companies work the same hours you do and have a presence in the local market, which means a quicker response to your call. Their staff that can be on site in no time flat, because they have clients right around the corner. It is just easier for a local team to respond directly to your needs, because they know the area and have a vested interest in building the local business community.


  1. The Staff You Need When You Need Them

Instead of having to spend an hour on the phone with level-one support, only to be sent to level-two support and have the same questions asked of you again, you should have a much more responsive team at your disposal.

What’s even better is that, if they are local, they may be able to make an office visit to sort out the issues that you are having with your equipment. The best you can hope for from a provider located hours from your site, would be a screen share—which is great if your hardware is working, but impossible if it isn’t.


  1. Better Understanding of Your Needs

Who better to support your business than a business in the same community? Working with a neighbor means that they have a handle on the challenges of running a business in your market. Your IT support can be a solution to meet your specific business requirements. Local IT support can place team members onsite weekly, as part of the overall plan to support your business.


U.S. Computer Connection Can Help with Your Stamford IT Consulting Needs

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