One of the few drawbacks of owning a furry companion is having to leave them behind when you go to work or go on vacation. Always eager to meet the needs of users — especially if those needs fall within the $15 billion a year pet products industry — tech companies and startups have announced apps, products and services that aim to bring convenience and add options to our daily pet care choices.

Some of these services are genuinely brilliant, but others are unfortunately duds at this stage. Find out which pet care apps are worth your time and which ones Fido is better off forgetting by reading our breakdown of the good, the bad and the ugly below.

Wag — Among the Best Pet Care Apps

Without a doubt, Wag is the most versatile, useful and fully-realized pet tech service widely available. It has most definitely learned lessons from tech giants like Uber and AirBnB to avoid common mistakes.

Using the app matches you with dog walkers based on location, schedule and preference. They provide a free lock box service to make picking up your dog easy, even when you are at work. The lockbox is dropped off via courier for people who live in the app’s service area. Walkers can be scheduled in advance, and you can also connect with one immediately to have them show up usually within 30 minutes.

You can keep tabs on your pooch by watching the app’s built-in interactive map, which tracks the walk and even marks areas where the dog relieved him or herself. Pet owners also receive a follow-up report detailing the walk, including its duration, distance and the animal’s behavior. Rates are fairly reasonable, around $25 plus tip for a 30 minute walk. Each additional dog is also just $5 more under normal circumstances.

This app’s convenience and richness of features help it shine, and they are also expanding it to include overnight sitting and boarding services.


Like AirBnB for pups, DogVacay matches you with people who have the capacity to let your dog couch surf for a bit. Hosts name their own price, so the range of accommodations, prices and services offered may vary.

Accessing services is simple, but your experience can vary based on what the hosts offer, so make sure to explore ratings and ask questions before committing.


PetCube promises to let nervous animal nannies interact with their pet anywhere from their smartphone, even offering two-way voice communication and an interactive laser toy. The features are promising, but reviews indicate that the product does not really deliver. WiFi connectivity issues plague users, and for the price of a PetCube you could use a higher-resolution webcam monitor with a clearer image and features like night vision and motion sensing.


Like Wag, Rover offers a way to connect you to dog-sitters in the area, but the interface is much clunkier. Instead of matching you with someone, you have to filter and browse through available walkers. Like Tinder, you then have to message them and wait for a response, making the whole affair much tougher and more awkward to coordinate than just booking an appointment through Wag.

Stuck Late at the Office Away From Your Pet Because of Tech Issues? Use a Stamford Computer Consulting Company

While some of the above apps are great, they can never replace the time you spend at home with your furry companion. If tech issues have been plaguing you at work, you can always solve them and implement best practices to ensure fewer happen using the services of a Stamford computer consulting company.