If you need to provide your employees with important information that will contribute to the ongoing success of your workplace, there is no better tool than PowerPoint. One of the most popular, easiest to use pieces of presentation software in the world, PowerPoint is a great way to disseminate information throughout your business in an attractive, easily understood format.

While most businesses have a basic understanding of how to use PowerPoint to build a presentation, few people realize just how many interesting features that this software contains. Here are a few of the best PowerPoint features you didn’t know existed that you can use to improve the usefulness of your business presentations.


When you’re creating your PowerPoint presentation, you likely want to include vibrant colors that immediately grab the attention. However, this can be difficult when you’re trying to match the color of your text to a picture that you’ve included in your slide. Enter Eyedropper.

Eyedropper is an exciting PowerPoint feature that allows you to copy a color from one part of your presentation and move it to another part. All you have to do is double-click on the color you want to match, click any of the color options in the context menu, and then select the Eyedropper tool. Then, you just click on the color you want and then click the area where you want to copy the color.

Easy Combo Charts

In most business PowerPoint presentations, you will need to include a chart, including combo charts that have multiple forms of information. While this used to be very time consuming, PowerPoint now easily allows you to create combo charts with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Under the Chart Tools table, you can click on Design and then Change Chart Type to bring up a menu with different chart types. At the very bottom of the Chart Type menu, you will see Combo Chart. Clicking on this section will allow you to organize the series in your combo chart and choose how you want them displayed.

Shape Merging

If you want to make your PowerPoint as visually attractive as possible, it’s likely you will add shapes to your slide. Unfortunately, too many shapes can make your presentation feel muddled, reducing its effectiveness. Luckily, PowerPoint now offers you convenient options to organize and even merge the shapes in your presentation.

On the left side of the formatting tab, you will notice a drop-down menu labeled Merge Shapes. This menu provides you with several different options for manipulating the shapes in your presentation. For instance, you can make a seamless union between two shapes, see where the shapes in your slide overlap, show only where the shape interact and even remove the interacting section. This new feature provides you much greater flexibility with the shapes you are using and will allow you to create a more visually appealing presentation.

If you make use of all these hidden features in PowerPoint, you will be able to develop effective presentations that your team members will appreciate. To improve the overall IT strategy of your business, you should contact the team at U.S. Computer Connection. We are experienced in multiple areas of IT, and can help your business develop a strategy that suits your needs.