When faced with questions about IT support solutions for businesses and password management software, many business owners and their workers cringe. In our technologically advanced age, we are inundated with software. Systems are updated constantly; the moment you feel comfortable with a software system, it is a safe bet that system is obsolete. Many businesspeople prefer to take charge of their own passwords.

The problem there is, taking charge of your own passwords without help is intensely difficult. Most people have several passwords they must attempt to juggle. Writing passwords down is discouraged, but few of us have photographic memories to keep those passwords straight. Therefore, our passwords are left in notebooks or on sticky notes, and our computer systems are put at risk.

At U.S. Computer Connection, we urge you to invest in password management software. IT support solutions for businesses, like password software, are vital. Using it is quicker and easier than you might think, and there is a plethora of reasons why this investment may be your best one.

Protect Your Small or Midsize Business

Many owners of small or mid-size businesses think hackers will not bother with their computer systems. While hackers are interested in large businesses or chains, many of them find small or mid-size businesses easier targets. If you are such an owner, password software is one of the smartest IT solutions for businesses you can have. New data breaches pop up every day, and even the most experienced business owners struggle with password management. The proper software can guide you through how to determine and protect passwords.

If you are a small or midsize business owner, you may also find your employees are confused or lackadaisical about passwords. Many times, colleagues share passwords without fully knowing it, or leave passwords where everyone can see them. With password management software, you are in control of who accesses what parts of your system and when. If you want to protect certain files from unexperienced employees or an entire department, password management software will take the headache out of doing so.

Beef Up Your Defense System

In providing IT solutions for businesses, U.S. Computer Connection has found security systems are not as strong as they could be. Many business owners think one or two passwords will be enough to protect an entire system, and that these passwords can go unchanged for several months. In reality, you must change your password often. Depending on the size and nature of your business, we recommend doing so at least once every couple months. Password software helps you keep track of how many passwords you have, when they were changed and when certain systems or files may be due for a password update.

In addition, password software helps you test the strength of your passwords. Most people know a strong password usually has upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and often some type of symbol. Some of these passwords are easier to crack than others though because employees use easily tracked information as password bases.

We do not recommend using your address, birthday, name or children’s names as a base. Password software can take these and other bases, and transform them into stronger passwords hackers will not figure out.

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