If you want to get your business on the path to success, you need to make sure it has all the departments you need. Organization is key to turning your start-up into a well-oiled machine that keeps profits steadily coming your way. With expansion at the forefront of your goals, being able to delegate areas for expansion is a necessity.

To get the most out of your organization, you need to make sure you have all the departments every business needs regardless of size. While there are several, each are absolutely essential if you want your business to prosper. Learn more about the departments your business organization needs and why they’re important.


Your administration department is probably the most obvious one because you’re personally in charge of it. However, the need for a functioning administration department stretches beyond your decisions alone. A good leader knows how to delegate, since all the tasks of running a business can be overwhelming to some. Don’t trust upper level management to reveal themselves in time, either. Get reliable people as soon as you can.

Human Resources

HR is always an important aspect of any company. Your company requires people to function, and HR keeps all those people happy and productive. Not only can HR help deal with workplace conflict and safety issues, but they also deal with evaluations, recruiting, payroll, benefits and other crucial tasks. Even if your HR department is just a lead and an assistant, it’s essential for your business.


Even if you run a non-profit, you still need a finance department. Every business involves money, and finance experts are there to make sure all the money coming in and going out is being processed properly. Bookkeeping is just the beginning, however. Finance departments can also make financial recommendations, set budgets and forecast cash flow needs, among other responsibilities.


No business can succeed without a dedicated marketing team. If you want to expand your company, you need a team that can get all the research and outreach done. This includes logo design, obtaining customers and communicating with your customers. The marketing department is the gateway between your business and your customers, and you need that relationship to be good if you want to get anywhere.  

Information Technology

It’s hard to compete in the modern business world without some of the latest technology. While your HR department keeps employees working, your IT department keeps your technology working. Whether you need to set up an internal computer network, create an e-commerce store, upgrade your cyber security or anything else technical, your IT department has got you covered. Most aspects of modern technology are like a foreign language to anyone who isn’t an expert, so IT is more important than ever before.

U.S. Computer Connection as Your IT Department

If you’re looking for IT professionals to act as your business’ IT department, U.S. Computer Connection has got you covered. We offer a wide variety of managed IT services that can bring your business on board with the latest advances in computer and networking technology. Cyber crime is on the rise, so having experts on hand who are available 24/7 is essential to protecting your business. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you.