In the past, companies could transfer their cyber security issues onto the IT department, but in the modern age of data breaches, cyber security is about more than just IT. Businesses are integrated and store plenty of sensitive information digitally, which leaves them vulnerable to many virtual threats that could be devastating.

Cyber security is no longer an IT problem. It’s now a business problem.

The Cost of a Data Breach

Businesses all over the world face the constant threat of a data breach, and many have suffered the consequences. It’s become clear that cyber security, or the lack thereof, impacts businesses as a whole, beyond the IT department. Hacking software continues to improve, and hackers are finding newer and more inventive ways to steal vital information, such as market manipulation, disruption of infrastructure, espionage, disinformation, data theft, vandalism and extortion.

Depending on the nature of your business, a breach could mean anything from an expensive, time-consuming problem to complete devastation that compromises sensitive client information and business details, as well as costing money in lost revenue and possible lawsuits.

Developing an Integrated Plan

Once we view cyber threats as a risk to the business as a whole, and not just a computer risk, it becomes much easier to develop an integrated approach to protecting your digital assets.

Businesses need to integrate cyber protection from multiple departments, from employee training to security to IT, to ensure that it’s fully protected. There are also many security software solutions available to enhance your cyber security and take some of the weight off the IT department.

Strong security protocols need to be developed and consistently implemented, company-wide, to protect against accidental or intentional leaks from employees. Formal, written policies are the best way to ensure these protocols are understood and followed, along with management compliance and employee training.

Your IT department will handle many of the threats presented with encryption, anti-malware protection and network security if they haven’t already. If your IT department needs a little help getting a solid cyber-security plan in place, you can also consult the services from an IT support company to ensure that you have the best protection possible on the digital front.

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Like other aspects of business, it’s all about the team effort. Cyber security needs to move beyond the IT department to be managed by all departments, considering the needs and suggestions of all involved. This will strengthen the protective strategies against data breaches and leaks and help to mitigate their effects if one occurs.

If you’re concerned about your current level of cyber-security risk and you’d like to explore your options, you’ll need an expert IT support company, such as U.S. Computer Connection. We offer flexible IT solutions to address the needs of modern small businesses, including the increased threat of data breaches and cyber security threats.

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