Are passwords the last line of defense between hackers and your network? Many users don’t see the threat that a compromised password can bring to network security. While you should implement measures like strong passwords and expiration dates, passwords can be compromised. That is why more and more two factor authentication is being embraced by the business network community.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Simply put, two factor authentication requires users to enter two passcodes to access the network. The first is a traditional password that they select and the second is a code of some sort. There are many ways that you can implement this, and make it easy for users to embrace.

Recent cloud based options offer simple user experiences like a phone swipe to authenticate network access. Others send time sensitive codes to a cell phone or tablet that need to be entered in a specific time frame.

The Benefits of Two Point Authentication

So why are so many companies implementing 2 factor authentication? There are several benefits including:

  • Tighter security and decreased chance that a hacker will penetrate the network
  • Less vulnerability to keyboard loggers, malware that records passwords and password capture tools in general
  • Less down time due to security breaches
  • Greater customer confidence in company security protocols

Simply put, 2 factor authentication means that stolen passwords are not a major security problem anymore.

Types of Two Factor Authentication

Once you decide that you are going to implement two factor authentication you, there are many options to evaluate. While the most secure method, traditionally, is using a physical key or key generator this method has issues. Typically physical key methods are the most labor intensive to get up and running. They also tends to be the most costly and require a longer lead time.

Cloud based solutions are very popular and cost effective. Packages like Duo exist that are easy to implement and can add services like offline access and reporting tools. Infosec offers a cloud hosted tokenless 2FA system for business.

Need IT Security Consulting for Your Business?

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