Do you think your computer network is safe from being hacked? With all of the news about hackers, you should be thinking about just how safe your network actually is. One of the biggest problems with hacking is all of the misinformation that exists about it. There is a reason that computer security is a specialization that few people undertake. Here are some common myths about network security and why you may be surprised to find that your network is much more vulnerable than you believe.

“We Are Way Too Small to Draw Hackers’ Attentions”

Hackers are busy hacking into big banks, big box retail stores and big governments. There is no way that they would bother targeting your small business. Except that notion is completely false, and for several reasons.

First, hackers seek out targets of opportunity. Sometimes, it pays to easily break into several small companies rather than hope for a big score from one of the big guys. While they may not be targeting your business specifically, they may be targeting software that you are running because they know that smaller and more vulnerable targets are running it. Making several small scores quickly can actually add up to more profit for them than one big score that takes a long time.

“I Have an Over the Counter Security Solution, So I’m Covered”

The nasty secret that none of these companies that sell one size fits all solutions want to tell you is that security is more than just installing software. While a good software solution is an important first step on your way to being secure, you need to recognize that security is a mindset and a process, not just a piece of software. It would be like buying a police car, mace and uniform, and thinking that your building was safe from criminals.

In order to be truly safe, you need to institute processes that go along with the software. You also need a team that can ensure that the tools that you buy are installed, configured and running properly. Otherwise, you may be more vulnerable by running those solutions than having no security software at all.

“My Security Software Is Enough”

Again, while the right software solutions are an important first step, there are many more things that need to be updated to ensure that your network is safe. Where does your company stand on operating system patches? What about email, web servers and database servers? Many of these types of packages need holes through the security wall to be able to operate. Those holes are just waiting for hackers to exploit them.

In order to fully secure your network, you need to make sure any software you are running that has interaction with the outside world is fully patched and up to date at all times.

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