The key to successfully running a small business is efficiency. However, because small businesses require individual employees to handle multiple responsibilities, this can often lead to a loss of efficiency. Fortunately, there have been several recent technological developments that can help your employees pick up the slack.

Amazon’s new device, the Echo, is a virtual personal assistant and can take voice commands and perform tasks based on those commands. For businesses looking to take some burden off their employees responsible for multiple, duties, the Echo may be the perfect solution. Here are some of the ways that the Echo can have an impact in your business.

Organize Your Calendar

Alexa, the persona of the Echo, is able to organize your calendar that you maintain on your smart device. With a simple voice command, Alexa can both add meetings and items to your calendar, and remind you of these items when they are about to take place.

Handle the Food

Another big benefit of using the Amazon Echo and its Alexa voice technology is the ability to order food at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re at home or in the office, Alexa can place orders to local restaurants and have your meal delivered to your location.

Stay on Top of the News

If you value staying up-to-date on the day’s most important news, such as stock updates that may affect your business, Alexa can handle all of your information needs. Set up your preferences, and Alexa can notify you when a breaking event occurs.

Automated Offices

If you have Wi-Fi connected smart plugs, Alexa can start up all of the devices in your office so that they’re ready when you arrive. Alexa can control all your smart devices, including lights, televisions, monitors and even the temperature. Any smart equipment that you have hooked up can work in conjunction with the Echo.

Handle Your Supply Ordering

Instead of keeping long supply lists and constantly monitoring your inventory, Alexa can be set up to order supplies based upon your voice commands. Just speak aloud what you need ordered, and it will be shipped based upon your preferences. Multitasking is made easy with the Echo.

Spice up the Office

During a long work day, it can sometimes be nice to take a little break with some relaxing music, which is another reason to equip your office with the echo. In addition to being a virtual personal assistant, the Echo is a Bluetooth speaker, and can play streaming music from services like Pandora and Spotify.

Dictate and Have Your Emails Read to You

If you don’t have time to stop important work tasks to check your email, you can have Alexa read them to you while you continue getting things done around the office, and can even take dictation so you can reply hands-free. Now you can respond to your emails in a timely manner and keep getting your office responsibility completed at the same time.

Trust U.S. Computer Connection for your IT Consulting Needs

If you have Alexa helping you around the office, doesn’t it make sense to have someone help you with your IT needs? U.S. Computer Connection can handle your IT needs while you can continue to focus on the needs of your business.