If you have ever sat in a meeting, the following is probably a familiar scenario to you. Everyone has their laptops open and the meeting is about to start. The presenter is about to start. Twenty minutes later, after they have fiddled with all of the cords, the setting on the projector, the conference line and their laptop, the meeting finally starts.

Countless hours of productivity are lost every year due to inadequate or outdated conference equipment in meeting rooms. Don’t continue to waste your employee’s time. Upgrade your conference spaces with secure business grade wireless, so your employees can stay productive.


How many times have you shown up to a meeting only to find the room with people in it getting ready to have a meeting?

A wireless conference space can be equipped with meeting scheduling software that prevents overbooking. Meetings can be reserved via Outlook or other meeting software and then published on a display outside the room, as well as virtually.

This will help to prevent overbooking and meeting conflicts that end up wasting people’s time.

The Tangle of Cables

How many times have you tried to sort through the mire of cables at the head of the conference table to find the right one for your laptop to project on a screen for the meeting? A wireless conference room fixes all these problems.

You can stream your presentation to all of the participant’s laptops, tables or displays using a meeting sharing software. Need to show a video clip? It’s easy when your conference space is equipped with a display and a Bluetooth device.

Ditch the Conference Line

Ah, the joys of speakerphone. Even the more advanced devices still make communication difficult. Old speakerphone technology isn’t necessary when you can have everyone in your conference using their own headsets and speakers.

Using wireless conference technology means you don’t have to deal with background noise and speakerphone muting. You can use your own device with a headset, speaker, or both- and let the individual choose the best way for them to participate in your meeting.

White Boards and Cameras

If someone comes up with a really great idea and writes it on a whiteboard, it inevitably becomes someone’s job to take a picture of it and then translate it to some digital format. What if there was a way to do that automatically?

Smart board technology is available to turn your whiteboard into a digital drawing slate. You can even use a text recognition feature that will translate your whiteboard scribbling into searchable text.

Think of all the time that you’ll save instead of transcribing notes from a whiteboard!

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