IT security is one of the most important aspects of an IT department’s duties. Yet time and again, security is breached, data is compromised and your IT resource continually tries to improve on a system that is always going to contain one major flaw: users. It is hard to reconcile that the reason IT exists also happens to be their worst vulnerability.

Education of users is a key to reducing the risks they pose to network security.

Knowledge Is Your First Line of Defense

Being aware that people are trying to compromise your data is not enough. User awareness of the methods that are commonly used to breach computer systems, both physical and virtual is your best line of defense. It is critical that users can identify a phishing scam before clicking on the link or be aware that they should not put a flash drive they may not recognize into their USB port. Education can help raise awareness of these and other attack mechanisms.

Success with Security Technology

Having the best anti-virus software in the world on your machines is no good if a user disables the scanner. Education about the software that is used to protect networks helps users to understand the importance of it and how to use it properly. There may be a right time to turn on silent mode or stop a virus scan, knowing when the time is right can be the difference between a network crippling virus, or a deleted suspect file.

Security Should Be Part of the Daily Routine

Security can be often seen as a nuisance, something that gets in the way of “getting work done.” While there are some security processes that may seem intrusive, education on why these processes exist can go a long way to ensure compliance with them. If your users understand just why they need to be following security protocols, then it will help them integrate it better into their daily routine.

It Is the Law

Compliance laws require that sensitive data be protected. HIPPA and other compliance standards were created to protect data from misuse, which is why it is critical that you know what the regulations state and how to comply with them. Doing otherwise can mean that your business is at risk for regulatory violations that can be costly in both time and money.


 U.S. Computer Connection Can Help with IT Support in Stamford

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