Are you looking for a way to mobilize your workforce with hardware that provides the power of a laptop? Then you may be evaluating some of the higher-end tablets on the market.  Windows-based tablets are gaining in performance and market share, and Lenovo’s MIIX 700 series is fast becoming the tablet of choice for business. This little powerhouse might be just what you are looking for as a mobile solution for your small business, so here’s our review of it, courtesy of our IT computer consulting team at U.S. Computer Connection.

“It’s a Tablet!” No, It’s a Laptop.

Few companies have gotten the idea of a detachable keyboard right on the Windows platform. Of course, the Microsoft flag ship, the Surface, seems to have gotten the right feel of a tablet with a keyboard—until the MIIX 700 came along.

Lenovo has experimented in the past with detachable or fully rotating keyboards, but struggled to get it quite right. This time, they were successful. The MIIX 700 keyboard is part of the cover of the tablet, so it folds up onto the tablet’s screen, giving it a comfortable tilt for typing. It is also a quality keyboard that has the look and feel of a laptop.

Quality Video

Included along with the keyboard are quality cameras featured on the device. A five-megapixel camera is included on both the front and the back. There is also the option of plugging one of Intel’s Real Sense 3D cameras, which allows you to log onto Windows 10 using facial recognition instead of the typical password or fingerprint sensors. If you do any hardcore video conferencing that requires more than a fuzzy image of yourself on the other screen, you can’t go wrong with the options available on the MIIX 700.

Screen, Memory and More

When you first take a look at the MIIX 700, the first thing you will notice is the bright 12-inch touch-screen. The screen rivals any office monitor and clocks in at 2160 X 1400.  The screen comes paired with a 4.5-watt core M Intel processor. That kind of energy miser will easily provide eight or more hours of battery life.

Of course, the MIIX 700 will run Windows 10 and can be upgraded to a hearty eight GB of ram. That means plenty of memory for running all of the business apps you need. It also comes with a solid state 256 GB hard drive for storage.

Even with all of the accessories listed above, it still only weighs in at 1.7 pounds, making it ideal for a carryon bag or a briefcase. The 12-inch size probably makes it too large for a pocket, but that is the trade off with a quality 2-in-1 like this.

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