In the modern business world, using the internet is unavoidable. Most business is conducted online, and if you avoid that, you don’t stand a chance at being competitive. There are plenty of benefits to conducting business online, but there are dangers as well. Make sure you’re prepared.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to protect yourself from the dangers you may face online. With a healthy mix of cyber security programs and common sense, you can protect yourself, your business and your customers. For the best results, it’s always a good idea to hire cyber security consulting services. Learn how to protect yourself better with these 6 easy ways to improve internet security.

Improve Your Passwords

A password is the most common way you gain access to any of your online accounts whether it be your social media, your business’ website or your banking. Not only do your passwords need to be complex and difficult to guess, but they need to be different for every one of your accounts. While it sounds like a lot to remember, the security it provides is worth it. Besides, with password manager programs, you can safely store all your passwords in a convenient place. You’ll need an additional password to access that, but remembering that one is easier than remembering all the others.

Add Encryption

If you have an online store, you probably already have enhanced encryption. This is necessary to protect customers’ payment information during the checkout process. However, most other aspects of a typical site use weaker encryption. To optimize your security, encrypt everything as well as you would the checkout process.

Utilize Two-Factor Authentication

Having a complex password is good, but is it good enough. Many cyber security experts would say you need something more. With two-factor authentication, there’s an extra step during the login process. Typically a randomly generated code will be sent to your personal phone that you have to enter after your password has been accepted. This extra layer of security prevents infiltration even when a hacker knows your password.

Secure Your Devices

Do you use password autofill features on your computer and phone? Most people do since it makes accessing your accounts much easier. If your devices get stolen, however, thieves won’t even have to try to gain access. That’s why it’s so important that each device you own is encrypted in its own right stopping anyone who tries to access them physically.

Get the Latest Updates

We understand that software update reminders are more annoying than anything else, but they serve an essential purpose. Updating your software is a great way to stay safe online. Software updates not only help the usability of many programs, but they help increase security as well. In some cases, hackers have cracked the encryption on older versions of programs while the newest edition remains safe and sound.

Hire Cyber Security Consulting Services

To get the best protection online, you need the help of cyber security consulting services. These professionals specialize in keeping your business and your customers’ information safe offering peace of mind you can count on. If you’re looking for quality service and expertise, look no further than U.S. Computer Connection. With our cyber security consulting services, you can conduct business online without fear. Contact us today and learn more about what we can offer you.