It’s a very exciting year for those who use Microsoft products, as they’re planning to launch quite a few new updates and versions of their most popular product lines. We know that many people weren’t too happy to get Windows upgrades during the middle of their workday, but the upcoming smaller updates are much easier to deal with.

Updates can still be off-putting when they’re unexpected, but Microsoft has released their product roadmap for the year, detailing all the new features they plan to implement in 2018. Learn more about the 2018 Microsoft product roadmap, and discover what you can expect for your favorite Microsoft products this year.

Windows 10

Microsoft tends to release updates for their operating system about twice a year. The first update for Windows 10 is already out and is known as Redstone 4. Later this year, however, you can expect the Redstone 5 update. One of the major features in Redstone 5 will be the introduction of tab sets. Every tab you have related to a specific task can be organized into a set and be available with a simple click.

Office 2019

With the rise of cloud computing, the Microsoft Office suite of programs has taken a backseat lately, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft is done with it. The next version of Office is scheduled for release later this year. The goal of this upgrade is to cater to businesses who are cautious about moving to the cloud. While there are plenty of benefits to cloud computing, there are important factors to consider as well. The new Office is limited to Windows 10, so keep that in mind before you upgrade.

Teams and Skype

Teams was first launched a little over a year ago, and it’s already on track to be Microsoft’s primary unified communications offering. Their full intention is to replace Skype for Business. That means you can expect the new version of Teams to include voice calling and advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning features. By the end of the year, you can also expect Teams to include screen sharing, recording services and more. The full transition to Teams is expected to take about three years, however, so Skype for Business isn’t going anywhere soon.

SharePoint 2019

Office isn’t the only thing getting an upgrade this year. Alongside it, Microsoft intends to launch SharePoint Server 2019. While they haven’t released much information about the upgrade, they have announced next-gen sync client support, modern UX throughout, Flow/PowerApps integration and more.

Exchange Server 2019

The upcoming Exchange Server release is even more scarce on details that the SharePoint server, but you can count on them releasing around the same time later this year. Microsoft has highlighted that the new version of Exchange will focus on security, compliance, usability and manageability.

U.S. Computer Connection

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