U.S. Computer Connection’s Responsibility: to communicate with the client (your organization) any security weaknesses/vulnerabilities/deficiencies identified in the process of providing IT services. These recommendations are not to be considered a risk assessment, security audit, or security review. These are internal functions each client must perform on their end as part of due care and due diligence. The client then reviews our recommendations, and based on their Risk Management approach, implements controls based on their level of acceptable risk for their organization.  


Client Organization’s Responsibility: as part of due care and due diligence, organizations need to take appropriate steps to protect all sensitive data that they process, store, or transfer. It is the responsibility of each organization to manage its Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) requirements and efforts. U.S. Computer Connection cannot be held liable for data/security breaches or losses caused due to a client declining to implement recommended basic security controls to help protect their systems, data, and employees.


Please help us better serve your organization by making USCC aware of the following items, by emailing as these items become available/known to your organization:  


  • Any legal and regulatory requirements your organization is subject to. For example, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, etc. 
  • Type and location of your most sensitive data, this will allow us to work with you and present Basic Security Recommendations (BSRs). 
  • Contact information for your CISO, Compliance Officer, etc., this will allow us to coordinate protection efforts. 
  • Please let us know if your organization has performed a Risk Assessment/Analysis, and if there are any items that require our attention.  We can provide you with a secure link for you to upload this sensitive document. 
  • It is industry standard for all organizations to have Cyber Insurance, please let us know if you need help answering questions for any Cybersecurity questionnaires. 


For full details on “Shared Cyber Security Responsibility”, please see


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